Our Story

In 1967 a number of museums were established in Nova Scotia to commemorate 100 years of Canada’s confederation. Fifty years on and many of our museums are in need of revitalization. In order to sustain a future for these important provincial assets, the Association of Nova Scotia Museums established MuseFund.

What is MuseFund?

MuseFund is an endowment fund created to build a sustainable and vibrant future for our museums in Nova Scotia. MuseFund’s goal is to raise an initial $2.5 million endowment fund that will help accredited museums open doors to experiences that matter to us, engage us and bring benefit to our lives.

Your donations will be invested with the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia to generate an ongoing source of income year after year which accredited museums will be able to apply for annually. 


“As the first pan-Provincial fund of its kind in Canada, MuseFund will help ensure accredited museums in Nova Scotia continue in providing innovative visitor experiences as we celebrate our shared culture and rich heritage. On a personal note, I have cherished memories of enjoying our network of Museums as a child on school trips and look forward to continuing to do so with my own children. The Fund Development Committee is thrilled to play our part in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our Museums for generations to come and looks forward to enjoying the support of the Nova Scotia business community as well as individuals as we move forward with this goal.”
— Brittany Mastroianni, Interim Chair,
Managing Director, Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-operative

Supporting our Museums through Engagement, Stewardship, Investment, Growth